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You can apply for classes in our Spring semester 2017: we offer English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian and Slovenian language courses. All classes start February 13; see specific language timetable for more detail. We are located at Kolodvorska 2, Grosuplje. Customers may park free of charge. For more information visit

  • Individual lessons: 5 lessons (60 min each) – 140€, individually arranged schedule
  • Short group language course*: 10 lessons (60 min each) – 140€
  • Group language course*: 15 lessons (90 min each) – 315€

* 2 participants minimum.

Early registration discount (by February 10) – 5%

 You may apply:

  •  - online via application form (please list your name, address, phone number, the desired course and schedule)
  • - by email: (please list your name, address, phone number, the desired course and schedule)

- in person (by prior arrangement).


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Emperus, Society for Lifelong Learning is a voluntary, independent and non-profit entity of private law, which brings together experts in the field of education of children and adults in developing and providing quality education and the development and promotion of new knowledge in the field of education, adult education, psychology, sociology and related sciences, technologies related to lifelong learning, such as:

  • developing, organizing and conducting training in all fields of science, arts, humanities, culture, sports, technology, and the rest;
  • introduction of new methods and forms of work in the educational process;
  • professional exchange among experts - tutors for various disciplines in the field of the society;
  • international networking and exchange of experience with experts and related organizations and associations;
  • research and publishing activities in the field of lifelong learning;
  • participation in organizing and setting up humanitarian activities, exhibitions and presentations;
  • conducting workshops, field trips and similar actions in the field of lifelong learning;
  • operation in the field of their own marketing and publishing.

To achieve its objectives, the association organizes programs of lifelong learning, such as:

  • courses and workshops of foreign languages,
  • tutoring and private lessons in foreign languages,
  • workshops art and culture,
  • excursions.      

Our school’s courses and activities are constantly being improved in order to fit the students’ needs. The experienced teachers make sure to put emphasis on the fundamental language skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking – especially the latter. No matter the language selected, our course participants are guaranteed to improve their communication skills and expand their vocabulary, all in a nice relaxing atmosphere. If you are interested in putting your new knowledge to the test, we are happy to provide lessons delivered by a native speaker.


  • Kolodvorska 2, 1290 Grosuplje
  • 041 58 44 92

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